Member of Parliament visits UChicago Research Bangladesh (URB) Field Office and distributes Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) to research participants.

On 6 June 2018, Mr. Nazrul Islam (Babu), Member of the Parliament (Narayanganj-2), visited URB’s field office at Araihazar and distributed LPG to the research participants as part of the Bangladesh GEOHealth project in collaboration with ICDDR,B. Mr. Islam distributed LPG and environmental friendly cook stoves to individuals participating in URB’s research project which will study how reduced air pollution mitigates negative health effects on individuals. As part of the broader GEOHealth project, this component of the study will research how and to what extent the improved cook stoves will help to reduce the disease burdens among the study participants after two years of intervention. From the larger GEOHEalth study participants, a group of 200 participants from Araihazar and 200 from Matlab will receive this intervention during the research period. URB’s local Principal Investigator, Dr. Tariqul Islam, presented the technical aspects of this project.
During his visit, Mr. Islam (Babu) talked with senior officials to learn more about the research activities URB has engaged in over last 18 years working alongside The University of Chicago, Columbia University, and other partner Universities and organizations. This research has produced new scientific evidences and supported to public health policies in Bangladesh. After his visits to URB’s Clinic, Mr. Islam expressed his supports to URB’s ongoing efforts to provide low cost primary health care services at the community.