Your donation to URB will support research and programs that promote health and well-being in Bangladesh and beyond. Our headquarters and field offices are home to established research facilities that contribute to findings that have shaped health outcomes and treatment for tens of thousands of participants and their families.

Your contribution makes a difference. Highlights from the past year include:

  • - 5,131 pediatric patients treated at the clinic in Araihazar
  • - 49 URB-led community health events that provided health screenings and education for individuals that would not otherwise receive care
  • - 2,481 people received eye care
  • - 27 researchers received training in advanced epidemiology in order to enhance local research

To continue this lifesaving work, consider a donation to URB.
For donors outside Bangladesh, please visit the IPPH donation page.

For donors in Bangladesh, please contact us*.
*Donations to URB are allowable by local Bangladesh law.