Grant Support

2017-2022: Enhancement and maintenance of the HEALS cohort. (NIH R24 ES028532; PI: Habibul Ahsan)
2019-2023: Environmental arsenic in the subtype specification of breast cancer. (NIH R01 ES028149; Sub-PI: Habibul Ahsan PI: Marcelo Bonini)
2018-2019: Evaluating the Impacts of the Uptake and Use of Clean and Efficient Cookstoves on Household Time Poverty and Well-Being. (UNF 18-989; Sub-PI: Tariqul Islam; PI: Mohammed Yunus)
2016-2019: Preclinical Indicators and biomarkers of cardiovascular effects of arsenic exposure. (NIH R00 ES-024144; Sub-PI: Habibul Ahsan; PI: Shohreh Farzan)
2016-2018: Regional Research Center of Excellence for Non-communicable Diseases (NIH P20 CA3210305; PI: Habibul Ahsan):
2015-2020: 2/2 Center for Global Environmental and Occupational Health – US (NIH U2R TW010122; M-PI: Habibul Ahsan, Md. Yunus):
2015-2020: 1/2 Center for Global Environmental and Occupational Health –Bangladesh (NIH U01 TW010120; M-PI: Habibul Ahsan, Md. Yunus):
2014-2019: Molecular and Clinical Endocrine Impacts of Arsenic Exposure in Children (NIH R01 ES 024423; Sub-PI: Habibul Ahsan; P.I. Maria Argos):
2013-2016: Bangladesh Center for Global Environmental and Occupational Health (NIH R24 ES022457; PI: Habibul Ahsan):
2012-2017: Health Effects of Arsenic Longitudinal Study (HEALS) (NIH P42 ES10349; Project PI: Habibul Ahsan; Program PI: Joseph Graziano)
2010-2017: Chemoprevention of arsenic-induced skin cancer (NIH R01 CA107431; PI: Habibul Ahsan):
2015-2019: Arsenic exposure, immune function and impaired respiratory function (NIH R01; Sub-PI: Habibul Ahsan; PI: Faruque Parvez):
2014-2016: Gut Microbiome, Arsenic Exposure, and Atherosclerosis (NIH R21 ES023421; M-PI: Habibul Ahsan, Yu Chen):
2014-2019: Genetics of arsenic metabolism: fine-mapping and rare variant analysis (R01 ES 023834; P.I. Brandon Pierce):
2014-2017: Identifying arsenic susceptibility variants using a functional screening approach (R21 ES 024834; P.I. Brandon Pierce):
2013-2018: Integrative multivariate association and genomic analyses (R01 GM 108711; P.I. Lin Chen):
2012-2017: Arsenic and manganese exposure and children’s health (NIH P42 ES10349; P.I. Joseph Graziano):
2011-2016: A Study of Telomeres in an Arsenic-Exposed Bangladeshi Cohort (NIH RO1 ES020506; P.I. Brandon Pierce):
2010-2015: Theory and Methods for Sufficient Cause Interactions (NIH R01 ES017876; Sub-PI: Habibul Ahsan; PI: Tyler Vanderweele):
2010-2015: Biomarkers for Arsenic Toxicity: Genetics, Epigenetics and Folate (NIH R01 ES017875; Sub-PI: Habibul Ahsan; PI: Mary Gamble):
2009-2016: Arsenic Exposure, Systemic Inflammation and Cardiovascular Diseases in Bangladesh (NIH R01 ES016328; Sub-PI: Habibul Ahsan; PI: Yu Chen):
2009-2014: Genetic Susceptibility to Cardiovascular Effects of As Exposure (RO1ES017541; PI-Chen):
2009-2011: Biomarkers for As Toxicity: Genetics, Epigenetics, and Folate (R01CA138750; PI-Gamble):
2008-2014: Nutritional Influences on Arsenic Toxicity (NIH R01 ES11601; Sub-PI: Habibul Ahsan; PI Mary Gamble):
2005-2011: Genetic Susceptibility to Arsenic-induced Skin Cancer (NIH R01 CA102484; PI: Habibul Ahsan):
2003-2008: Nutritional Influences on Arsenic Toxicity (NIH R01 ES11601; P.I. Mary Gamble):
2003-2005: Exposure to Air Pollution from Biomass Fuel Combustion among Women in Rural Bangladesh (NIH P30 ES09089 Pilot; PI: Habibul Ahsan):
2002-2003: Oxidative DNA damage in bronchial epithelial cells of arsenic exposed population (NIH P50 Cancer Center Support Grant Pilot; PI: Habibul Ahsan):
2001-2006: Building capacity to reduce arsenicosis in Bangladesh (NIH D43 TW05724; P.I. Joseph Graziano):
2000-2006: Environmental arsenic, pregnancy and children’s health (NIH P42 ES10349; P.I. J. Graziano):
1999-2000: A pilot study of arsenic exposure and its health effects in Bangladesh (NIH P30 ES09089; PI: Habibul Ahsan):
1999-2000: Epidemiological and molecular characteristics of arsenic-related skin lesions in Bangladesh (NIH P30 AR44535; PI: Habibul Ahsan):